You can find package's configuration file at config/chatify.php in your application, and will find the following properties that you can modify inside it:

Display Name

This value is the name for the messenger displayed in the UI

'name' => env('CHATIFY_NAME', 'Chatify Messenger'),

Storage Disk

The disk on which to store uploaded files and derived images by default. More details

'storage_disk_name' => env('CHATIFY_STORAGE_DISK', 'public'),

Routes' Configurations

This value is package's routes' configurations

'routes' => [
    'prefix' => env('CHATIFY_ROUTES_PREFIX', 'chatify'),
    'middleware' => env('CHATIFY_ROUTES_MIDDLEWARE', ['web','auth']),
    'namespace' => env('CHATIFY_ROUTES_NAMESPACE', 'Chatify\Http\Controllers'),
  • prefix is the prefix of the routes in this package, so you can access the messenger from this value by going to /chatify.

  • middleware is the middleware array applied on the routes of this package.

  • namespace is the routes' controllers namespace.

API Routes'

'api_routes' => [
    'prefix' => env('CHATIFY_API_ROUTES_PREFIX', 'chatify'),
    'middleware' => env('CHATIFY_API_ROUTES_MIDDLEWARE', ['api']),
    'namespace' => env('CHATIFY_API_ROUTES_NAMESPACE', 'Chatify\Http\Controllers\Api'),

Pusher configurations

From here you can change pusher's configurations,

'pusher' => [
    'key' => env('PUSHER_APP_KEY'),
    'secret' => env('PUSHER_APP_SECRET'),
    'app_id' => env('PUSHER_APP_ID'),
    'options' => (array) [
        'cluster' => env('PUSHER_APP_CLUSTER'),
        'useTLS' => env('PUSHER_APP_USETLS'),

User Avatar

This is user's avatar configurations

'user_avatar' => [
    'folder' => 'users-avatar',
    'default' => 'avatar.png',
  • folder is the default folder name located in the storage to store users' avatars in.

  • default is the default user avatar image name, before uploading a new one.


In this version (v1.4.x +) we add support for Gravatar, so now you can use he default user avatar which is by default, or enable Gravatar to use it over the default

'gravatar' => [
    'enabled' => true,
    'image_size' => 200,
    'imageset' => 'identicon'
  • enabled set to true if you want to enable Gravatar over the default user avatar.

  • image_size the size of user avatar generated from Gravatar.

  • imageset Default imageset to use from the options bellow:

    • 404

    • mp

    • identicon (default)

    • monsterid

    • wavatar


This is attachments configurations

'attachments' => [
    'folder' => 'attachments',
    'download_route_name' => '',
    'allowed_images' => (array) ['png','jpg','jpeg','gif'],
    'allowed_files' => (array) ['zip','rar','txt'],
    'max_upload_size' => 150, // MB
  • folder is the default folder name located in the storage to store attachments in.

  • download_route_name is name of the route to download the attachments.

  • allowed_images is the default allowed images to be uploaded.

  • allowed_files is the default allowed files to be uploaded.

  • `max_upload_size` is the max file size allowed to be uploaded in the backend (e.g. message attachment, user avatar..).

Messenger Colors

| Messenger's colors
'colors' => (array) [

From the colors property you can set messenger's colors that users can change from the settings of their profile.

By default, there are 10 default colors as above.

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