Follow the steps below :

1. Pusher Account and it's settings

This package uses Pusher Api, so you need to :

  • Create account and modify .env file of your Laravel app with your Pusher api credentials.

  • This package uses Pusher's client events, and client events must be enabled for the application. You can do this in the Settings tab for your app within the Channels dashboard. Read more about Pusher 'Triggering client events'

2. Require Chatify in your application

Quick Note: If you are installing this package in a new project, make sure to install the default user authentication system provided with Laravel.

$ composer require munafio/chatify

3. Install Chatify

All you need is to run the following command to setup everything for you:

$ php artisan chatify:install

This command will automatically do the following:

  • Some configurations.

  • Publishing the assets (config, views, assets, models, migrations)

  • Storage symlink

4. Migration to database

$ php artisan migrate

5. App config (Only for Laravel <=v5.4)

Only for applications that runs Laravel <=v5.4 that doesn't support package auto-discovery, add the following provider into config/app.php providers array list :

* Package Service Providers...

and the following alias into into config/app.php aliases:

* Class Aliases
'Chatify' => Chatify\Facades\ChatifyMessenger::class,
  • After installing the package, you can access the messenger by the default path(routes prefix) which is /chatify, and you can change path name in the config file config/chatify.php as mentioned in the configurations below.

That's it .. Enjoy :)

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